Happy Heart Testimonials

Hundreds of people have completed the Happy Heart Course with great results.

"When we were younger there was no such thing as watching your cholesterol. As you get older your pace of life slows down a little bit. After the four weeks we were both energised, and had a better spring in our step."

- Kieran & Margaret Connors (77 & 75)

"I’d recommend the course to everyone and not just those who have high cholesterol. This is about living healthy and feeling good. I got to learn great easy recipes suited to the Irish and European diet and learned more about nutrition than I thought I would have.

In just 4 weeks I lost 4 kilos and saw my cholesterol levels drop from 4.78 to an amazing 2.94. I will never go back to the way I ate before and can honestly say this course can change your life!"

- Paul Gillart (34)

Reviews from Happy Heart Course April 2013

"I was allergic to the cholesterol tablets"
"I wanted to learn to cook"
"My cholesterol dropped from 7.4 to 4.7"
"I don’t have to use my inhaler anymore"

Orlagh McCarthy

"I wanted to lose some weight and get healthier for vanity reasons. As a perpetual dieter I have tried so many different eating plans. I was planning on shaving my head for charity and wanted to shift some weight before the big event. I did the Happy Heart Course for 8 weeks and lost 2.5 stone. I feel like I've lost so much more weight than the scales is showing, and the whole shape of my body has changed. I'm now wearing the size clothes I haven't been able to fit into for 15 years. I'd recommend the Happy Heart Course to anybody who asked"

- Orlagh McCarthy

Shane Murphy

Doing the happy heart course has changed the way I look at food and my lifestyle. My energy levels improved, I was sleeping better and was losing weight. In the end I lost nearly 2 stone (12kg), my cholesterol came down from 4.2 to 3.1 and my blood pressure came down as well. Learning to cook and being in control of your own diet were two huge factors for me. The easy to follow recipes make cooking enjoyable. Also, the fact that you can eat all you want as long as you stick to the foods on the course means you’re not starving yourself like on other ‘Diets’.

Life after the course is great. It would be impossible to go back to the way I was before the course because I learned so much about food and nutrition off Steve and Dave throughout the course."

- Shane Murphy

More Reviews

"The best €99 a person could spend"

"I didn’t look at it as a diet. It definitely – definitely suits me better."

"I felt lighter, more energy, that’s absolutely true, I was amazed with the results"

"As I lost weight then I just felt myself better overall."

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