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Twins David and Stephen Flynn, chefs by profession have developed a programme that is clearly the future of health.

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Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease

What do the people of rural China, the Papua New Guinea Highlanders, Central Africans and the Tarahumara Indians of Northern Mexico have in common? There is NO heart disease in their community.

With the legitimate concerns about pandemics of AIDS and cancer, its easy to forget that heart disease (cardiovascular disease) kills more people each year worldwide than any other disease. Its the biggest pandemic of all time. Heart disease is so common that we’ve become accustomed to it, thinking of it as a natural cause of death. Yet there’s nothing natural about it. What most people don’t know and what this paper sets out to do is to show readers that there is definitive clinical evidence to show that heart disease can be prevented and reversed through diet. We teach people this diet in our course – The Happy Heart Course.

We provide students with the capability to control their own health and reduce the risk of falling victim to the biggest killer on the planet. We don’t want you to just take our word for it. This paper provides you with the main points of the leading research, showing you how it connects to our course and the diet we promote. Our objective is not to ‘sell’ you the course. It is to inform those who are candidates for this life threatening disease, that there are alternatives to medication, but it is up to you to educate yourself and form your own opinion … with facts to back it up.

Intensive Lifestyle Programme for Reversing Heart Disease

The Studies

Dr. Dean Ornish in California and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. in Ohio during the mid l980′s separately initiated studies of plant based nutrition (unbeknownst to each other but within months of each other) as treatment for patients severely ill with heart disease. The goal was to get patients to remove from their diet; animal food, dairy, processed flour, and oils that were causing the disease and to eat a diet of vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole grains. As a result of following this diet, angina heart pain diminished or disappeared as cholesterol levels promptly lowered, and both physicians found that x-rays of the hearts’ arteries confirmed the disease could be reversed.

Heart disease is reversible

Dr. Ornish in his “Lifestyle Heart Trial” proved this under clinical research, with one-year data published in the Lancet in 1990 and five-year data published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. He recruited test subjects with pre-existing coronary artery disease. Not only did patients assigned to the above regimen fare better with respect to cardiac events than those who followed standard medical advice, their coronary atherosclerosis was reversed, as evidenced by decreased stenosis (narrowing) of the coronary arteries after one year of treatment. Most patients in the control group, by contrast, had narrower coronary arteries at the end of the trial than the start showing that their heart disease had progressed.

This landmark discovery showed that cheaper, safer and more accessible therapies (such as changing your diet and lifestyle) to treating cardiovascular disease can be equally effective if not more than invasive procedures such as coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty, and stents.

Independant Clinical Research on Evidence Based Research

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, of the Cleveland Clinic, conducted the most profound evidence-based research on the arrest and reversal of heart disease on the planet; his patients demonstrated striking reversal of the blockages in their diseased arteries. His prescription: Eat a completely low-fat, plant-based diet.

Dr. Esselstyns study also involved patients with advanced heart disease and it showed very similar results to those of Dr. Ornish’s at 5 years. He also reported his results again at 12, 16, and finally beyond 21 years in his recently released book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Dr. Esselstyn is particularly pleased with a smaller subset of patients who were told by expert cardiologist’s in 1986 they had less than a year to live all of whom are alive, 21 years later!

Epidemiological Research

Research of Heart Disease in Populations

In 2004, Cornell professor Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the project director of the China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project, published The China Study, a book chronicling the results of a thirty year investigation of nutrition and health that examined more than 6,500 people in 65 different Chinese villages. The New York Times referred to this study as the “Grand Prix” of epidemiological research.

Among the study’s findings: American men are seventeen times more likely to die from heart disease than rural Chinese men. During one three-year period in the study, Campbell even found certain areas in China with populations over 100,000, where not a single person under the age of sixty five had died from heart disease.

All of the Chinese subjects ate a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, containing few to no packaged products (or meals at restaurants) – same type of diet as The Happy Heart Course. As a result, their average total cholesterol ranged between 2.095 – 3.49 mmol/l (81-135 mg/dl).

Conversely, the typical Westerner eats an animal-based diet with close to 40% of his or her calories coming from animal products, 50% from refined and processed sources, and only 10% from plant foods. Not surprisingly, Americans, who also rely heavily on packaged food products, have an average total cholesterol of 215 (5.56 mmol/l). In Ireland as a whole, the average cholesterol level is about 231 mg/dl (6 mmol/ L). Ireland also has one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell
on The Happy Heart Course

“The twins David and Stephen Flynn, chefs by profession, have developed a program that is clearly the future of health and the practice of medicine. It really is an extraordinary story whose time has come.”

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Co-author of the bestseller “The China Study”
Lead scientist on the effects of diet on disease

We put this course together for people who may not realise that it’s possible to reverse heart disease by changing diet and lifestyle. Intuitively you may feel you need to control your life and remove threats that may shorten that life, but you don’t believe it’s possible for diet to have such a dramatic impact on heart disease. You may also have felt that a diet of wholefoods and plant based is for a few nature loving, ‘fringe’ members of society, or that medication is the only way to handle such a potent disease as heart disease. We hope you now realise that there is indisputable clinical and epidemiological research to prove that it is effective and that if your diet, or lifestyle is putting you at risk, that you consider addressing it immediately. We recommend you seek the advice of your physican, but do share with them these studies as they may not be aware of their results.

If, after all your investigations, you feel that our Happy Heart Course which teaches you the recipes, how to prepare and cook them and provides model meal plans, is for you, then we welcome you on the course and hope it provides you with the beginning of a new, exciting and healthy chapter in your life, like it has done for so many before who’ve taken it.

-The Happy Heart Team

Course Features

Map your Progress

We have designed and built a very neat progress feature so that you can chart your progress through the course. There are quizzes at the end of each topic to see that you are learning the key points and also weekly discussions. We have allocated points to each quiz and discussion so that you can see your progress on your “progress bar” on the course as a whole. Its pretty neat and fun also!


We have custom built a community part to the course. This is a place for interaction, discussions and a means that users can support one and other in their experience. Each user has their own profile. They can post on the community wall, direct message one and other and create a real community within the site. Its a great way to make friends with other fellow “Happy Hearters” and share and support one and other in the process.

Over 50 recipes

Steve and Dave use their experience as chefs and owners of the popular Happy Pear restaurant to put together delicious and filling recipes for every meal. You won’t go hungry, you won’t break the bank and even the most meat-loving family members will love these healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.From pancakes and muffins for breakfast to casseroles and curries for dinner, there’s even chocolate cake and it’s all made with cholesterol-busting wholefoods that are great for your heart.

Weekly Videos

Every week includes many high-quality videos featuring Steve and Dave discussing the many topics and foods that bring together the scientific and dietary knowledge behind the Happy Heart Course. These videos are fun as well as informative and packed with tips and examples to help you along the way. There’s something for everyone and Steve and Dave will help you along the way with these videos on how to prepare your meals.

Weekly Meal Plans

Every week includes many high-quality videos featuring Steve and Dave discussing the many topics and foods that bring together the scientific and dietary knowledge behind the Happy Heart Course. These videos are fun as well as informative and packed with tips and examples to help you along the way. There’s something for everyone and Steve and Dave will help you along the way with these videos on how to prepare your meals.

Completely Mobile Enabled

Because the Happy Heart Course is mobile enabled, you can access your recipes, videos shopping lists and all other Happy Heart Content on your mobile or tablet device easily and quickly. With a responsive framework it doesnt matter what size your screen is, your Happy Heart course will display beautifully at all times, making it easier for you to stay keep your Heart healthy and happy.

100% No-Risk

We have been running The Happy Heart course for over 5 years, and we are SO confident that this program will get you results that we offer a “Keep the Course” guarantee.

What this means is that if you stick to the program and do not get the results you expected from the course, you can simply email for a full refund, no questions asked and YOU GET TO KEEP THE COURSE. Yes, that’s right, you can still keep the course!

We are able to offer this type of unique guarantee because once people start using the course they really do GET RESULTS. Sure, a small percentage of people will abuse a guarantee where we take on all the risk, but one the whole, people are honest and do not seek a refund for something that transforms their lives and helps become healthier.

The other reason we offer a “Keep the Program” guarantee is because we need you to feel safe and secure in ordering from us and ensure you that you will not be let down or disappointed.

This will not be a decision you regret!

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